Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Something(s) to Smile About

Yikes! I have so much I want to record and I just can't get to the computer to do it. I keep thinking I will enter a phase in life when I will have the time and freedom to write as much and as often as I would like, but I'm definitely not close to that now. Even as I plunk out a few words now, my time is limited, so I've decided to simply post a few moments I've happened to capture recently that make me smile from deep within, moments that make me to-the-core grateful I am a mother.

First--Hallee. Okay, so looking at this horrible ankle picture, you've got to wonder why on earth this would make me smile. Truthfully, it didn't at first. It made me groan--over and over. Hallee was playing volleyball in a little tournament in practice and came down on someone's foot. It was a pretty bad fall, and I knew immediately she had done some damage. This is what her ankle looked like by the time we got home. Ouch! I took her to the doctor the next day and he told us she had torn a major ligament in her foot (can't remember the name of it right now) and would need to sit out of volleyball for 4-6 weeks. Well, that was horrible news. She had two tournaments coming up in the next two weekends.

Now to the part that's actually happy about all of this. I'm so proud of how Hallee has handled the whole situation. She absolutely loves volleyball and sitting out has been emotionally painful, to say the least, but she has had the best attitude. Not only that, she has gone to the tournaments and cheered her team on. That makes me very happy. Anything that helps build character in my children makes me happy.

The other perk of this injury is that I've been able to spend more time with this girl--something I love--as we've gone to physical therapy together. There's always sunshine after the rain, right?

Here is her foot after a few days. The swelling spread out and man, was it bruised.

Then her toes turned black and blue and looked like they might fall off (they didn't, of course, but she said they felt like they might:)
The other thing about Hallee that makes me smile all the time is how she plays with Berkley. They are so darling together, and Berkley loves this girl, let me tell you. I love this picture where Berkley is trying to do just what Hallee does. So cute!

Next is Nate. I wish I had more pictures of this boy because man alive, he is busy! He has been playing basketball and baseball for months now and is such a little athlete. What makes me smile, though, is how diligent and concerned he is with his school work, despite his schedule. He has been such a great asset to his class this year, especially his teacher, who has had a bit of a stressful year.

We recently had an experience with Nate that made me smile with every piece of my heart. He was feeling a bit discouraged about baseball and began complaining to his Dad and I that he wished he could have more chances to play more positions (he plays center field). We encouraged him to set up a meeting with his coaches and talk with them about it in an appropriate way. He agreed it was a good idea, so Dan set up a meeting and the three of us met with two of his coaches. I told Nate this was his deal and that his dad and I were there to support him, but he needed to do the talking. I wondered how it would go, knowing it would not be an easy thing to do. I also encouraged him to apologize for his behavior the weekend before when he had pouted a few times after striking out. We had had a conversation about appropriate ways to deal with disappointment and frustration and how pouting was never acceptable. I knew I was asking a lot of this kid, but I felt this was a great opportunity for personal growth.

I was so impressed with what took place! We sat down and Nate began the conversation by looking those coaches right in the eye and saying he first wanted to apologize for his behavior the weekend before. I was somewhat shocked, to be honest, but so proud of him. I think his coaches were caught a bit off guard, too, but they talked with him about it and gave him some great advice on how to handle strike-outs in the future and how to be a good leader on his team in regards to this. Then Nate asked calmly where they saw him playing this season because he hoped to be able to develop some new skills and have opportunities to play in a couple of different positions he had been working hard on (like pitching). What ensued was an open and honest conversation about his abilities, what he could work on, and what they all hoped to accomplish this season. Dan and I hardly said a word. It was simply a wonderful conversation between Nate and his coaches. It was open and respectful, and I was just as happy as a mother could be! I hope he remembers this experience so he can always handle things so well.

And here is a picture of Nate pitching in a game recently. Because he has worked so hard at it and expressed a desire to be given the opportunity at times to show what he can do, he has been able to pitch a couple of times, and I have to say, he's done quite well. 

Regyn is next. That girl just makes me smile regularly. She is so upbeat and helpful. I've been extremely grateful for her obedience lately and desire to just be a peacemaker (something my other kids, quite honestly, have been struggling with). Regyn also happens to be very dramatic. This is a bandaging job she did recently on what she considered a major injury. Six bandaids and one wetwipe later, she felt so much better!:) The funny part is that there is only a tiny little floor burn under all those bandaids. I tried my hardest not to say anything about the price of bandaids or the practicality of only using one on such a small owie, but I'm afraid I didn't succeed. Darn! It's a weakness of mine. Maybe next time.

Now to Boston. He jumped on my bed the other day looking like he was fresh from a Home Alone scene--slicked up hair, bathrobe and everything! He told me to take a picture. It was so adorable, I just smiled from ear to ear. Man, I love this kid (even though he's been a tough one lately)!

Here is a close-up of this handsome boy.
I've decided I need a separate post of Berkley. She is just at that age when she does stuff to crack me up every day. Here are just a few moments that have made me smile lately.

She has started posing when I say I want to take her picture. This is her favorite pose.

Is this cute or what? Little ones in towels make me smile.

Berkley loves doing funny faces or funny things with her eyes. She thinks she is so hilarious--and she kinda is!

She loves the frosting on cakes and cupcakes but not the actual cake. Here is her latest frosting mustache.

It cracks me up how early little ones learn about technology these days. Here Berkley is listening to Hallee's Ipod. Again with her facial expression. Makes me smile every time.
 Lastly, any time my children spend time together (without fighting), I smile from ear to ear. Here are a few shots of such times.

Here they are playing Minute to Win It. The next few shots are of this crazy game.

This really makes me smile. It's Boston with vaseline on his nose from one of the Minute to Win It games. So funny!

Oh, and I can't forget this guy. He makes me smile every day, he's such a great husband and father. Here is a snapshot of him (or at least the top of his head) during our Minute to Win It FHE. I love it!

So many things to make me smile. And boy, do I love to smile!