Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Boston's 6th B-Day!

I'm not a good party mom. Or holiday mom. Or birthday mom. I do, however, think kids need to feel especially loved and wanted and special on their birthdays each year, so I do the best I can. Here is a summary of Boston's sixth birthday.

He wanted a red cake. Red is suddenly his favorite color. He enjoyed licking the bowl more than anything.

Here he is blowing out his candles.

I LOVE this "Happy Birthday" sign my sister-in-law made and gave to us for birthdays.

Now for the presents. . .

Regyn got a big hug after he opened hers.

Berkley couldn't help but try on the special birthday hat.

And of course, Boston got the "Special" plate for dinner. A family tradition.

Last, but not least, the famous breakfast. He chose donuts. We spiced them up by making blue glaze (of course, he told me he wished it was red instead). We make these donuts from canned biscuits. Super easy (and unhealthy) and fun.

I sure love this little boy. He was sent to bring me love, I tell ya. He is so loving. Every day when I put Berkley down for a nap before he gets home, he says, "But Mom, I didn't get to give her a hug and a kiss." That is very important to him. He will chase me down the driveway if I leave before he kisses me, and I love it. What a blessing he is to me.

Happy Birthday, Boston!