Monday, July 9, 2012


One thing I absolutely love about summer is the time spent with each other and with extended family(in fact, we've been having so much fun, I'm now even further behind in recording our lives on this blog, darn it). I am soaking up the time with my kids, just breathing them in--laughing, talking, playing with them. It's what makes summer one of my favorite times of year (that, and the warm weather--how did I grow up in Wyoming with 30 degree below zero weather in the winter? It ruined me!).

One huge blessing in our lives is the relationship we have with cousins. We are fortunate enough to live within just a couple of hours or less to most of Dan's and my siblings, making it possible for our children to get together regularly with their children, and I think it's just the greatest! Truly, my kids' best friends are cousins. Doesn't that rock? Seriously. If we ever move away, this will be what I mourn the most. So, here are a few pics of my kids with their cousins this summer. I love capturing moments of sheer pleasure and fun, even if my camera isn't great, especially the one on my phone.

So, here is to all the cousins . . . We sure love you!

We ended the school year with a little 4-on-4 volleyball tournament. Hallee (#34) got to play with her cousin, Jasmine (right next to her, #14), which she absolutely loved. They  got second place in the tournament and had a blast! Jasmine lives in Rexburg, ID, so they play for different club teams. It was great seeing them play on the same team for a change. (btw, the other two girls are friends of Jasmine's--from Rexburg--can't remember their names at the moment).

Some of the cousins took swim lessons with my kids, which meant they stayed for five days at our house--so fun! Here is Kaybree getting ready to jump off the diving board.

Regyn did so great this year! This is her knee dive--doesnt' she look graceful?

And here is Mylee doing her back float (or maybe this was "monkey, airplane, squeeze"--not sure).

These three girls are absolutely inseparable. They can play for 12 hours a day together and then cry when they have to separate to go to bed at night. They are such good friends--it's priceless.

And then there's these two--the Bopsy twins. LOL! Boston and Mireya are two little peas in a pod as well. They boss each other around all day and enjoy every minute of it. They truly love each other.

I even caught a picture of Hallee doing her famous handstands in the water. Wow--are her legs long or is it just me?

I absolutely love this picture! We were swimming at one of my dear friend's house. The kids had a blast. This was the last day before going home from their week-long stay.

The only shade they could find. Eating popcorn on the front sidewalk.

Did I mention these kids have talent? Talk about popcorn popping on the apricot tree! These kids popped it right into their mouths.

And this is the sleeping arrangement when cousins come to stay for a week and we live in a basement. Out comes the stored mattress. We just snuggle those kids all together like sardines, and they don't mind a bit.

These amazing children even did their reading every day. Do they look astute or what?

These two again. I just can't get over how darn cute they are together--even if they do tend to get in a little mischief now and then.:)

Then there was the volleyball camp together in Green River, Wyoming. Of course we had to have a dance party one night. Here are a few of the moves the girls were making (this first one and then skip one and the one after that--sorry-don't know what happened to the order I thought I had). I love it!

From back to front: Kamille, Mylee & Kaybree, Regyn

This was at the volleyball camp, too (I'm sure you're wondering where all the volleyball pictures are; I mean, we did play 6 hours of volleyball a day, but my mother took all those pictures and I don't have them, unfortunately. I only took shots of the fun we had in the evenings, for some reason). We took the girls to a spray park. How they had any energy, I don't know. The first girl in the picture is Andri Dewey, one of the darling girls we stayed with.

And then there's the Fourth of July with Conger cousins . . .
They were pretty excited about these fireworks, and yes, it is still daylight. Couldn't wait until dark.

And lastly, if this isn't the cutest thing you've seen in a while, here are the baby girl cousins latest picture together--now 13-14 months old--destined to be best friends as they grow up. Am I biased or are these little girls adorable?
Brylie, Berkley and Makyla
Last one. Can't get over these beautiful girls. Poor Brylee had a huge bump and bruise on her nose between her eyes due to a bad fall the week before. Becca (Brylee's mom) found these cute matching outfits. Love these girls!