Monday, May 7, 2012

Amazing, Incredible Women

My head is literally swimming due to the fact that I've just spent two weekends at different conventions talking about motherhood and listening to others share their feelings/stories, etc. on this topic. Since I am way behind on life, I am going to try to catch up one post at a time; therefore, this week I am going to write about the amazing experience I had last week when I attended a luncheon to honor Utah mothers at the Little America Hotel in Salt Lake City (and hopefully soon I can share my experiences from being in Washington D.C. at the National American Mothers Convention, which is where I've been for the past five days).

The greatest blessing that has come to me from my association with American Mothers over the years, and especially this year, is unquestionably the remarkable women I have had the privilege of meeting and learning from. To rub shoulders with amazing women who are wearing out their lives in the best way possible--taking care of their families--is truly an unbelievable experience for me. From this experience alone, I was privileged to associate with women such as:

Emi Edgley, 2011's Utah Young Mother of the Year. A delightful, amazing woman who warms everyone's heart she comes in contact with.

Cynthia Richards, 2012's Mother of the Year. A woman of strength and intelligence and amazing musical talent and insight.

The American Mother's State Board--full of incredible, capable women who serve diligently in a cause they believe in (too many names to mention, unfortunately, but truly wonderful women).

A group of 18 women being honored as Mothers of Achievement for their outstanding accomplishments within their roles as mothers and also in other notable areas, women such as Elaine Dalton (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint's General Young Women's President) and Saren Loosli (co-founder of Power of Moms, an amazing organization that promotes deliberate parenting), just to name a few.

Just some of the women who were there. Sorry--not a very good picture.

Wow! It's a little staggering to think about.

I had the unique opportunity to be a guest speaker at this function. I know what you're thinking--probably the same thing I was: Why in the world would they ask me to speak when there were so many more qualified women to do it? The reason is simply that I am the Young Mother of the Year for Utah this year, and so they were graciously honoring me and allowing me the opportunity to share my thoughts and feelings on motherhood. And it truly was an honor.

After the luncheon, I had the opportunity to visit with many of these women, and I can tell you, I felt part of something great. I thought of the powerful force for good all of these women are (and many others there as well), and I could hardly believe I was in the midst of such greatness. And that's what I truly think dedicated mothers are living--lives of greatness.
My husband is always there to support me. He is absolutely amazing!
My sweet mother, Aunt Colleen and sister Katie came as well. I'm truly so blessed.

At the luncheon. Did I mention Ruth Todd, KSL news anchor was the Master of Ceremonies? She is another incredible woman! (I don't think that person speaking is her, however--I am realizing my pictures are awful).
You don't have to be the president of some organization, or have doctorate degrees in six different areas, or speak three languages, or spend hours volunteering to make a valuable contribution to society and to the world. You simply have to be a dedicated mother. After all, who else affects the outcome of our society more than the women who are raising the next generation?

I left this luncheon feeling humbly grateful once again for the blessing of being a mother. If I am never known for anything else in my life, I hope to always be known as a mother. If I do nothing more than raise children who grow up, marry well, and then become successful mothers and fathers, my life will be all I ever hope it to be. My goal is to raise daughters who become better mothers than I am, and if my sons ever became better fathers than their own father, well then, they would be absolutely remarkable!

To conclude, just let me say this: I am humbled by the greatness that surrounds me on a regular basis. I never cease to be amazed at the women I meet who are quietly making every day as a mother count. I am blessed by what I learn from each one. And I've decided that this opportunity to serve as the YMOY this year for Utah is truly awesome because I get to meet and associate with and learn from incredible women everywhere! It's fabulous!

(BTW, I was tempted to post my speech, or at least part of it because many people have asked me for it, but I didn't want to overwhelm any blog readers with pages and pages, so if you are interested, feel free to e-mail me: and I can send it to you).


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