Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Motherhood--How can I help?

Having spent the last four days on the couch or in bed with a pillow over my head due to a migraine, I am definitely feeling a bit behind now that I am back at life. I am certainly learning to not take good health for granted. For a healthy, athletic woman (something I always kind of considered myself to be), I have had numerous surgeries and phases of poor health. It has definitely made me appreciate times I feel well and can function normally. Yes, I'm even grateful to be able to do dishes and laundry again--something I never thought I'd say:)

I just returned home from a board meeting for American Mothers. As I sat around the table, listening to this amazing group of women discuss upcoming events and responsibilities, I found myself amazed at their willingness to serve. None of them receive any compensation for their time and efforts. Most are extremely busy already between church callings and family and civic responsibilities (one is even running for a seat in the House of Representatives). Yet, each woman there feels motherhood is something that needs support and recognition and that the American Mothers Association is a worthwhile organization that promotes all they believe in. It was awe-inspiring.

I was asked to say a few words, which I wasn't expecting. I shared a few thoughts, but as usual, I thought about what I really wanted to say on the drive home. So, here it is.

I have been blessed in my life to have a keen awareness of the privilege and sanctity of motherhood. Through various experiences, I have been tutored and patiently taught how sacred and eternal and vital my role as a mother truly is. That is why I write about it, why I blog about it, why I talk about it, why I feel a responsibility to share what I am learning with other mothers in an effort to uplift and strengthen and validate each one of them in their journey as mothers. Everyone's homes are different; everyone's children are different; everyone's backgrounds are different, but in one thing we are all the same. We all hope and work and pray to be successful mothers. It is the burning desire of our hearts. We love our children with the deepest kind of love and want to lead them and help them along this journey of life and become the best that's within them. And we all need support and guidance as we do this vital of all jobs. That's what American Mothers is all about. It provides that much-needed support system that stands for important values, that sustains and uplifts the role of motherhood. That's what I have gleamed from it for the many years I have been associated with it. And it's what I would hope for every mother to find and use in their lives. Besides my faith and the church I belong to, there is nothing I would be more honored and privileged to represent than motherhood and the American Mothers Association. That is why I am grateful and humbled and excited for the opportunity that is mine this year as the Utah Young Mother of the Year.

So, in saying all of this, the biggest question that has been weighing on my mind is this: How can I help? How can I be the most useful? How can I best join with other mothers in supporting and uplifting them in the cause of motherhood? I am so willing to help start new chapters in American Mothers, to speak to groups about motherhood or related topics, to be a sounding board to women everywhere. I'm just not sure the best way to go about it. So, I'm hoping for some response here. If you read this, please give me your input, whoever you are, wherever you are. What are your needs? What could benefit you? What are you looking for that could help you on your journey as a mother? I certainly don't have all the answers but I'm willing to help find them, or at least be a listening ear.

Here are some ideas I've thought of:
1-Posting a parenting question on my blog at least once a month and allowing everyone who wants to to respond. Then, I would respond as well and maybe we could all learn from one another.

2-Having a monthly webinar. Truthfully, I've never done a webinar before but I am willing to learn if there is enough interest. Again, we could have a monthly topic to discuss or a question and answer period.

3- If you have any interest at all in starting a chapter of American Mothers, please don't hesitate to contact me. I have done that and will help in any/every way possible. This organization is worthwhile. It can bless your life and the lives of your friends and neighbors as well. I know everyone is busy but if done right, it is worth it to everyone who participates. Let me help you become involved.

4-Give me your ideas as well. I am here for you.

Thank you for reading my blog, for commenting, for being faithful mothers who work in the trenches every day with no thought of reward or recognition. Together, we can do this!


Melanie B said...

You may totally not like me after this comment but I've been thinking it for two weeks now so I'm just going to put it out there. You are well written; obviously I think you know that. When you say 'how can I help' from my perspective as a young mother what I find inspirational is when you are specific, real, transparent, and willing to go a little deeper than the surface. We all love to see our children grow and develop and problem me that is obvious. Your good stuff is when you write with transparency and share a reality that we all feel. Just my opinion.

Bryce & Charly said...

I like the idea about writing a parenting question and discussing it. I know for me personally I love to hear other women's ideas and I like to take what I think is a good idea and apply it to my life in a way that works for my family. I hope that helps: ).

DisabilityDiva said...

I think a monthly parenting question is a fabulous idea! That way it will help with a discussion and sharing of ideas. Also I might just have you come share some thoughts at a mother's group we have (we meet monthly after the kids go to bed and talk about all kinds of topics). So glad you want to help be a voice for motherhood!