Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Final Thoughts

I have been pondering this decision for a few months now, struggling with the idea of letting go of something that has become such a part of me and my life, but today is my last blog post--at least for a time.

I began writing this blog a couple of years ago. At first I struggled to think of what to write on a monthly basis, but before long, I committed to writing a weekly post, and it quickly became a commitment I looked forward to. One of my major motivations for beginning the blog in the first place was to improve my writing skills, to write on a regular basis, thus becoming a more experienced, improved writer. What I received in the process, was a love and passion for sharing something much greater--my thoughts, feelings, and personal experiences as a mother.

I knew from the start I wanted to write about motherhood; after all, it's the thing I'm most passionate about, the role I reverence and appreciate more than any other, the responsibility I want to succeed at more than anything else in life. Writing about it came easily. There were weeks I could have written a post nearly every day, but in an effort to not become consumed by blogging, I refrained. I loved writing about my children, about what they are teaching me, about what motherhood means to me, about the difficulties, the frustrations, the trials and especially about the joys, the victories, the growth.

To all who have read my blog over the past few years, and especially to those who have commented, I thank you. I have appreciated the connection we have built though enjoying each other's words and gleaning from the glimpses into your minds, hearts, and lives. I think that's one of the surprising enjoyments of blogging--the thoughts and inspirations gained from the associations built through connecting in this way. Nevertheless, after much deliberation, I am saying goodbye for a season.

The thing is, I've spent two years writing about my family being my priority, writing about my desire to make my children and husband the focus of my life because I know one day--all too soon--my children will be grown, my husband and I will older, and I will be left with lots of time to ponder how I spent my time. I don't want to live with regrets, to wish I had not busied myself with things of lesser importance to the point I didn't make the necessary time for what matters most.

My life has become increasingly busier. Out of necessity I have taken on greater responsibility, and because my children are getting older, their commitments are increasing as well. As a result, I often have a large number of obligations demanding my time and attention. I have found myself sitting at my computer to write, only to finish hours later, due to constant interruptions. I have also found myself sending my children away so I could type out all the reasons I love them and want to be a good mother to them. Somehow, that seems a bit hypocritical.

And so, in a process to weed out what is unnecessary in my life so I can devote plenty of my time, energies, and attention on what I value most, I am writing my final blog entry for a while. Even as I write this, tears fill my eyes, because through the process of sharing my life with you--my thoughts, my goals, my frustrations and discouragements, my humorous moments and my joys in motherhood--I have grown. I have come to see just how much this sacred role means to me, and how vital I feel about succeeding at it. I have come to see myself as so much more than just a mother, but a nurturer, a cheerleader, a trusted friend, a leader, a provider of truth, unconditional love and patience. I have been blessed with four incredible little people who look to me to help them become the best that's in themselves, to lead them to truth and true happiness, despite living in a world where counterfeit ideas of happy living are all around us. To succeed, I must devote the best of myself to them. I must be willing to give up some things--even good things--that distract me from this sacred, daunting responsibility.

And so, I say goodbye. And I leave with a hope that my readers, however few or often you read, gleaned something from my ideas about motherhood. If nothing else, I hope you laughed or cried at some point along this journey.

I know I have.


Taffy and Tony said...

I'm so sad that you're finished with this. You have definitely been a source of wisdom and strength to me over the past two years. You have made me think deeply, then lighten up about things that were of less importance. Thank you for taking the time to inspire!

Melanie said...

So sad for me, but good for you I guess. You are probably on it like blue bonnet and keep up on a journal and personal history of your family. Blogging has been my only saving grace to keeping up on any form of personal history.

The Martinez Fam said...

Great. Now I'm crying. I've loved reading your blog, even if I don't get to it every week. Thankfully, I usually at least get to hear the stories on the phone every day.:) I'm proud of you for applying such wise cousel from our leaders. Love you.

Brian and Rebecca Nate said...

Sorry to see you quit this, I know it was a hard decision for you. Maybe when you have the time, like for a birthday or Christmas you can put something special on here? Take care and we will see you soon.

Julie Thurgood Summerhays said...

I'll miss your hilariousness!! You really say it like it is - and I love it!! Hope you are doing well - we miss you guys! Enjoy your new time, which I'm sure will disappear just as fast as it appeared:)

elizabeth mueller said...

What a wonderful post this is. You are such an inspiration to me and I am facing the same dilemma as well. Too much time is sucked into the computer. Take care and I'm so proud of your decision!

Julia said...

OH, sad. You are a great Mother and I love reading your blog on occasion. You had me crying too...

Hope you are doing well. Love you!

Glitzy Glass Stars said...

Lori, I am glad you can do what is good for yo and your family. Guess what. I found your bracelet. I am fixing it and will hand it over soon. Love you Lori. Your a beautiful writer! wish I could write like you.