Monday, July 20, 2009

To My Mother

Forgive me for being so personal, but I've decided to dedicate this week's post to my mother.

Most of my earliest memories revolve around the woman I call mom. From sneaking chocolate chips with my older sister in our farm house in Raymond, ID and getting caught, to riding my bike up to the corner service station in Cokeville to chat with my mom while she helped my Grandpa with his books, sharing a snickers bar and soda pop, to learning how to sew in our basement, carefully unpicking imperfect seams, my mother was at the center of my life.

Despite lots of moaning and groaning, my mother was determined in our family scripture study each morning, gathering us in the living room to take turns reading from the Book of Mormon before she sent us on our way to school. She always hugged and kissed us and professed her love to us before we left, and I remember being grateful I knew my mom loved me.

When I entered jr. high, I was privileged to play volleyball with my mother as the coach. She was spirited, dedicated, and highly successful. Everyone loved her signature cheer leading jump after great plays, and it never got past me that she rooted for every underdog and made each one feel valuable. We were undefeated my whole jr. high career, but even better than that was playing for the best jr. high coach around and my biggest fan, too--my mother.

High school and college came and went, my parents supporting every athletic event and extra-curricular activity possible, sometimes traveling hundreds of miles to be there. They supported me through a mission and the transition that came afterwards. And when I became a mother myself, my mother was right outside the curtain, waiting to help me begin this incredible, daunting journey.

When life has been hard and I've needed careful advice or sometimes even just a slight change in perspective, my mother has said just the right thing to help me get back on my feet again. She taught me how to work, to read, to pray, to love--the most important things I do each day as a mother to my own four children.

As I have grown older, I have learned an important truth--that you never outgrow your need for a mother. A mother's work is never done, even when her children are grown and gone, and she is never tossed aside like clothes and shoes that we've outgrown or that have gone out of style. Moms never go out of style.

I've also noticed mothers never outgrow challenges either. My mom still has her share of hurdles to cross, one being the challenge of hearing loss, but still she manages to be a mother, a grandmother, a fantastic children's librarian, a wife and a friend. She's overworked and under appreciated, as most mothers are, but she still keeps plugging along because, well, that's what mothers do.

So today I just want to say "thanks" to a remarkably talented woman who has influenced my life in more ways than she could know. And I hope that somehow she knows how much I love and appreciate her, but chances are, she'll go to bed tonight like she does most nights, wondering if she's making a difference at all, thinking back to all the ways she wants to be better, rather than all the ways she's already great, because mothers have a tendency to do that.

So, just for today, I want her to know she's fabulous and I'm so glad she's my mother.


Violet Rose said...

Lori, I would totally agree with you about every wonderful thing you said about your mother. She is truly a remarkable woman! My earliest memory of her was the day my little sister passed away and she took about 15 Teichert kids to her house for the day and all of us Briant Teichert kids for several days thereafter, whenever my mother needed some time alone. She loved us, she wiped away our tears and hugged us and did all those things as we grew older and played volleyball for her and then became one of our biggest fans and cheerleaders throughout the rest of our lives. She is wonderful, and don't are you!

Taffy and Tony said...

Amen to what you and Vi both said. I LOVE your mom! She has had a huge impact on my life, and many others.

The Shaver Gang said...

I am so glad I got to read this blog. Next to my mom, Lynette has taught me more about "life's" experience than any other person. Her example has helped me teach my own children. She always taught me to never give up even when life got hard-or at least at the time I thought it seemed hard. She was always optimistic and made me feel like I was someone special. I love her so much!

Julie Summerhays said...

Thanks for making me cry:) That was a really sweet post!!

Casey and Tami Parry Family said...

Your mom is amazing! I loved having her as my USVBA and jr. high volleyball coach. She taught me a lot about the game but also about hard work and dedication. I, like Violet also remember her and your whole family being there for us when Tillie died and have always appreciated that but don't know that I have ever said so. I have loved my associations with your mom and dad as well as the rest of your family.

Daniel said...

I share many of the same thoughts as this post. Lynette has influenced my life tremendously through the upbringing of my wife. I will always be grateful to her for that, always. She is a multi-talented person who ful fulfills her motherhood role with much love and caring.

Traci said...

Lori, posts like that should have a warning on them--especially for 7-month-pregnant, emotional women! Thank you so much for the opportunity today of reflecting on Mom and how much I appreciate her and all of the many, many things she has taught me. When she came to Rexburg a couple of months ago, I commented to her on how much I loved having Jasmine and my relationship with her. Mom told me that it just gets better and better--how much she enjoys her relationship with each one of her daughters. Isn't that awesome? I am so grateful to know Mom values her relationship with each one of us, that she loves us, and that she has an interest in our lives and our happiness. Thanks Mom, and thanks Lori, for expressing so well the wonderful qualities of our mother!

Ashlie said...

She is a remarkable woman. Always letting me hang out at your house, eat all your food, and putting up with me. She is amazing!

The Martinez Fam said...

So I'm not 7 months pregnant, but is my baby too old to blame the tears on my post prenancy hormones?!! What a touching post. She is a remarkable woman in so many ways and I just want to thank you for the reminder of all of her wonderful qualities.

Brian & Rebecca Nate said...

Lynette is a great woman who has influenced my life and my children's lives a lot. She is absolutely not appreciated as much as she should be. She is the first person to bring you a meal or to volunteer to watch your kids so you can go out. I live right across the street from her and I still don't get tired of her! She is a beautiful, smart, wonderful woman who is the best! Thanks for helping me to remember that.