Monday, June 1, 2009

What Life is Truly About

I just returned from the hospital where my sister Katie gave birth to a beautiful, eight pound baby boy.

And I can't stop tearing up.

My mom and brother and six little kids and I arrived just in time to hear the nurse announce his weight and height. Standing on the other side of the curtain, I immediately felt the familiar sting of grateful tears and the throbbing of a humbled heart when I heard that sweet little newborn cry. I've often wondered how unbelievers could ever hear the first sounds of precious life and not be awed at the miracle of birth and life, realizing it's got to be of eternal consequence.

As I watched my sister and her husband and three little girls all huddle close to the hospital bed for a picture, I could see clearly in my mind four times before when I was the one lying in a hospital bed, having just given birth to one of the four greatest things that have ever happened to me, reveling in the amazement of it all, my heart offering constant prayers of gratitude to God for blessing me so much. And just like today, when I heard the first cry of each new baby of mine, my tired body became wracked with joyful, thankful, humble tears. And each time, the doctor and nurses came to my side to see if I was okay. What they didn't seem to understand is that I was more than okay; I was absolutely perfect. I was holding in my arms a miracle--a special part of both my husband and me--a little person who would unequivocally change our lives forever.

I always love the first couple of days after my babies are born--not only because I can finally bend without losing my breath, sleep on my stomach, and sleep at night--but because I get the chance to remember what life is really about, and I am reminded of how grateful I am for the opportunity of being a mother.

Then, we go home from the hospital and real life settles in, making me wonder what I've gotten myself into! About one year later, I finally wake up feeling like life is nearly normal again--and about two months after that, we start talking about having another baby! What a life!

I traveled to my home town this past week to hear my dad speak at the high school graduation there, and I was so impressed with his very last remarks to the graduates. He left them with three pieces of advice, all of which were good, but the last one struck a chord. "No matter what you aspire to in your lives, no matter what degree you choose to pursue or what job you decide to take, remember that the most important thing you will ever become is a father or a mother," he said. Then he continued with, "No words mean more to me in my life than the words 'dad' and 'grandpa.' So make sure you become the best mothers and fathers you can be, because no other title matters more."

I couldn't agree with him more. New little babies, excited older brothers and sisters, that look between a husband and wife when they've just witnessed the miracle of bringing another baby into the world--what could be better? Nothing else compares. What happens on Wall Street is not more important than what happens at home, and it never will be.

What I witnessed today, in a hospital in Layton, UT--that's what life is truly about!


Cathy Witbeck said...

You are so right, Lori. We waited years to adopt our oldest two and then suddenley our infertility got better and we had three of the homemade kind. Now that they are all teens there are days that we stop and say,"What were we thinking!" But mostly, it just gets to be a lot more fun as they get older. I can't imagine not having this goofy bunch.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Ashlie said...

Can't wait to see pictures of the little guy. What is Katie doing anyway?!? Tell her to hurry up! ;)

Melanie said...

amen! I love those first few days at home they are my favorite!

Becky said...

You brought tears to my eyes. It is so funny how you can have a baby, go through the life changes of it all and then want to do it again. They are such miracles. I loved reading your sweet words.
Tell Katie and Martin Congrats from us!

Steph said...

I read your blog from my friend Mel's and I do have to comment that this post really means a lot to me! Moved me to tears!

Ange said...

Hum.....almost makes me want another.

.....on second thought - I think 4 is a good number :)

Really, those really are amazing moments - thanks for reminding us!