Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Magic Bullet

Even as I write this, feelings of anxiety are crawling up my throat. I hesitate to actually say the phrase, "Boston is one hundred percent, true-blue, completely potty trained," for experience has taught me that every time I think we've "arrived," it's like he has read my mind and responds with one accident after another, as if to say, "Not so fast, Mom."

It may be because it's taken six months--literally--to arrive at this point that I am a little gun-shy to bring this topic up again, but just in case there is anyone out there who is going through what I like to call the "Potty Training Nightmare," I want you to know there is a magic bullet, a fabulous, one-of-a-kind solution to your potty training woes, a never-fail trick that will lead your child to want to poop and pee in the potty EVERY TIME!

You just have to figure out what that never-fail trick is for your child.

Sound easy? Believe me, it's not. But if by chance, you happen to be lucky enough to jump through all the right hoops your first try, let me be the first to congratulate you. As for me, I tried about eight hoops before I accidentally stumbled into the answer. I tried treats after going potty; I tried gum (oh, how my two-year-old loves gum--I was sure it would be the answer--it wasn't the answer); I tried books and songs; I tried Mommy time; I tried outside time; I tried . . . nearly everything!

Or so I thought.

Then, one day, out of the blue, Boston pooped in the potty, looked into my exhausted eyes, and flat out told me what I had been failing to do. It wasn't what I expected. He simply said, "Say 'Yea!'"

I looked him square in the eyes. "Yea!" I said with as much enthusiasm as I could muster.

"Say 'Yea for Boston!'" he prompted.

"Yea for Boston!" I yelled and threw my hands in the air with full vigor.

Satisfied, he flashed a brilliant smile and ran off to play.

I stood there in the bathroom, feeling once again like he had gotten the best of me. After everything I had done, all the begging and pleading and crying and encouraging--six months of begging, pleading, crying and encouraging--and all he wanted was a simple "Yea"? I couldn't believe it!

Oh well. After nine years as a mother, I've learned to simply swallow my pride and go with it. So, this has been our routine ever since. He goes potty, reminds me to cheer for him, then runs off happy.

The magic bullet.

I just can't help but wonder, if it was so magic, why in the world did it take me six months to figure out?

Hope you catch on a little quicker than I did--good luck!


Julie Summerhays said...

Oh Lori - that is SUCH great news! I can't believe that is all he wanted - too funny! Can't wait for our turn - ugh!!

Nichole Giles said...

Hooray! Isn't it sad how hard we try only to find out it could have been easy if we could read their little minds?

Well, now you know, right? And potty trained just in time for summer! Great news.


Ange said...

I think Boston is a bit like all of us - it's nice to hear "YEA!" every once in while :)

...just for the record....we haven't even STARTED the process over here - I know - I'm a complete potty training loser!

Christine Bryant said...

Just a little positive re-enforcement did the trick, eh? Great news. Glad you have an accident free summer coming. (Again with the positive thinking) Good Luck (not that you'll need it) *smile*

The Shaver Gang said...

Congrats to Boston and Mommy! My 2 1/2 year old, Kirsten, is now "officially" potty trained. I realized last week that I was going to stop showing her I was disappointed. When she had an accident. I would not make it a big deal, just quietly reminded her to go in the potty, changed her pants then went back to whatever I did before. It seemed to click with her. She stopped making it a power struggle when I showed little emotion in her accidents. It is wonderful now. My question now is? How do you train them not to take all their clothes off when they go? At the ball game last night, she got quite an audience when she came down to the stands, butt naked. Any suggestions?