Saturday, January 17, 2009

Movie Mania

Has there ever been a movie you have watched over and over and over again, and every time you watched it, you enjoyed it as much as the first time? There's nothing quite like a movie that just seems to hit the spot (except maybe a book that does). That movie for me is Father of the Bride, part 2. It doesn't matter how many times I see it or how many times my three-year-old rewinds certain parts, I find it totally amusing each time! I absolutely love that movie, and here's why.

First of all, Steve Martin is at his finest in this flick. He is so funny when he's meant to be funny, charming when he's meant to be charming, and tenderhearted and warm when he's meant to be a humble, loving father. He alone makes the movie great.

Then there's Frank (Martin Short) who is absolutely hysterical in this movie. I laugh until tears spill down my cheeks every time I see him try to get George (Steve Martin) out the door and to the hospital after George has taken too many sleeping pills. It's hilarious!

I actually decided if I were to play a role in this movie I would want to be Nina (George's wife, played by Diane Keaton). She plays such a delightful part in the show, and you can't help but like her and empathize with her as she tries to reason with her often immature husband.

Lately, our family has watched that show an average of 4 times a day (I actually moved a little TV into our kitchen so we could watch it while we did puzzles at the kitchen table). We all have our favorite parts, and no matter how many times we watch it, we always find ourselves saying, "Watch this. It's our favorite part" about a million times to each other. And then we laugh and laugh.

Until the end.

That's when I cry and cry.

I can't help it. Every time Annie (the daughter) and Nina (the mother) go into labor and George runs back and forth trying to be the perfect support to both of them, I begin to lose it. Then Geoge tells Nina how he felt about her the first time he met her, and I feel the tears forming. Frank and George end up bonding in the hallway, and a smile never ceases to spread across my face, and when the doctors are rushing Annie into the delivery room and her husband hops off the elevator just in time, my shoulders are shaking in sobs. It's just so touching! By the time George is holding his new grandson and new daughter, one in each arm, and he says, "Right there at that moment, with my grandson in one arm and my daughter in another, I know that life can't get any better than this," I am a complete mess.

Every time.

My husband giggles and points at me while my children wrap their arms around me in consolation. As silly as it sounds, that ridiculous show gets to me every time.

Maybe it's because I can relate to Annie being so excited about being a mother for the first time. And I can totally understand Nina's apprehension about becoming a mother again, and I can even relate to George not wanting to grow old. But I think the biggest reason is because I, like George, have come to realize that no matter what else happens in life, when I am surrounded by my children and husband, life just can't get any better!

And so I will probably watch that show a million more times, and chances are, every time I do I'll laugh my head off and then fall apart all over again. And chances are, my husband will shake his head in disbelief and my children will ask me if everything is okay. And chances are, I'll remember once again just how good I have it, because as hard as it is, there's just nothing as satisfying and rewarding as parenthood. Just ask George!

And by the way, if you're in the mood for a good laugh and then a good cry, you've got to get your hands on this movie!! You won't be disappointed.


Cindy Beck said...

I've don't think I've ever seen Father of the Bride 2, so thanks for giving a review of it. Next time it shows up on TV, I'll have to tape it.

Thanks, too, for stopping by my blog and commenting on Flu-Written not Flea-Ridden. You're a lucky person if you haven't gotten that bad bug. With that kind of luck, have you ever thought about going to Las Vegas? :)

Trisha D said...

Lori, I've never seen that movie, but now I will have to go and rent that one. I do love comedy, although raising three kids on my own, each day is like one at my house. My kids never seem to stop bringing me right back down to where I need to be.
Last week I tried so HARD to be this grouchy dinner making tired old MOM, but it was so hard when my thirteen year old began mocking me with his best impression of Chef Ramsey. Ah that kid!! He's gonna kill me. It is so hard to be angry at your kids when you are laughing so hard that you can't speak.
Then just when I was about to regain my serious composure for scolding, I look down and my three year old had found a way to DRAG an old birdcage out of the laundry room and there SHE sat, 'in the birdcage, with the TWO dogs, ..all three in the birdcage watching TV.
It never ends does it? I'm enjoying every minute of being a MOM. To answer your question regarding my BLOG....They are true stories. Thank you for you input.
My blog is similar to yours, but it is of a child looking out, instead of a MOM looking in....If that makes any sense at all?

G. Parker said...

I haven't seen that in a LONG time...I love the first one, but didn't get into the second one so much. I'll have to rent it again. I am so much a boob too, I cry at all those scenes. We have movies we watch over and over too, and quote them to each other. One such is Princess Bride...great stuff.