Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Journal Entry

I have always been taught the importance of keeping a journal, and as I was growing up I tried hard to follow this counsel, writing in my journal weekly. Now that I am a mother, I feel lucky to jot down a page or two every six months! I have, however, tried very hard to keep a journal for my small children who are too young to write themselves. The other day I pulled out my almost nine-year-old's journal and flipped to a page I had written when she was only 3 1/2--the same age my other daughter is now. I couldn't help but smile as I read about this precocious little girl. Let me share the entry:

Hallee, you have been hilarious (you love to say that word) lately. You told me the other day, "Hurry, Mom. There's no time to waste!" Then at dinner you said, "I can't even stand it, this is so yummy."

Yesterday you were hiding behind the couch so Dad couldn't brush your teeth. After a few minutes you said you were hungry. I told you if you would be good about getting your teeth brushed, I would let you have something to eat first. You hopped right up and said, " Oh, I will, Mom. I wasn't hiding from Dad. I just went behind the couch to think about a few things--that's all." I just shook my head.

For some reason you have in in your head that I am going to have a baby girl soon, and you ask me about it all the time. Finally, I said, "Hallee, when we do have another baby it might not be a girl." You responded with a twinkle in your eyes, "Maybe it will be two girls!"

One more story: you were supposed to go to check out a pre-school last week for two days. The second day we were rushing out the door and you couldn't find your other flip-flop. You refused to wear any other shoes and chose to stay home instead. Later that day we went out to the van, and there was your missing flip-flop. You had dropped it getting out of the van the day before. You said, "Look, Mom. There's my other flip-flop. The van watched it for me so no one would take it." You were delighted. I just had to smile.

There's nothing like children to add spice to life! What kind of spice have they added to yours? Be sure to share--we all need more reasons to smile.


Cindy Beck said...

Very cute stories ... kids are so much fun, aren't they?

And you're a wonderful mother, to write the stories in a journal so your children will have them forever.

Oh, before I forget ... thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my article "Dancing in the Moonlight". I'm so glad your mom didn't have cancer!

Diony said...

Kids say the most amazing things. When my daughter was six, I was attending a writer's conference. Thanks to her helpful dad, she knew my cell phone number(I taught her his afterwards) and called it repeatedly. Usually it was to say she missed me, or that one of her brother's were bothering her, or could she have a cookie.

The last mornig of the conference I was running behind schedule trying to get out the door. She could tell I was a bit stressed and waved to me from the house as I pulled out of the garage. Later that morning she started calling my cell phone. At one point I quit answering it, a bit annoyed by her repeated calls. I checked my messages later during lunch and she had said. "Mom, I hope you are feeling better.I just wanted to tell you, I'm hear for you whenever you need to talk--Ambri". Her sweet message reminded me what a gift she is in my life--especially after having four boys first.

Julia said...

Lori, That is so sweet. My little ones don't talk yet, but they sure have personality.